Organizing the home

A few months ago I read this blog The Stressed Mom it had a post about 10 things you can do to have a better day. It was mostly about being organized never the less it inspired me to re-organize every room in the house and as they said “find a home” for everything.

I started in the living room since it’s the room we spend the most time in with the kids. Unfortunately it’s also where my office is for lack of room in the house. I love my house but being built over thirty years ago means it wasn’t built logically for example the amount of storage space is a minimum and when you do find a closet it’s tiny and frustrating. This means every surface must be utilized to it’s full capacity. Problem is I hate clutter. I spent some time trying things in new places and I’ve finally managed to organize things to my satisfaction.

This space is behind my desk. Underneath lies a set of doors and small cupboard where I store more of Ellie’s craft things, my printer and other useful office tools. The supplies that I did leave out are the ones that she plays with the most.

My coffee table has a reversible top and comes very handy for storing the kids larger stuffed animals. Also because they are hidden most of the time it’s a nice surprise when I do uncover them.

This is my tv stand as you can see it showed much promise for storage.

 The first drawer are kids movies only. All our other movies are downstairs. This also nice because I let Ellie choose a movie and it’s easy for her to see and access.

Drawer number two conveniently fit all the kids puzzles. What got me really excited about this discovery was it provides for a quick pick up. If you don’t have time to put the puzzles back together you can easily throw all the pieces in that drawer and tend to them later.

I plan on moving on to Ellie’s room next. I feel like I just did it a few weeks ago however it’s clear I didn’t do it effectively since her room is still messy and unorganized.


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